lunedì 10 novembre 2014

An ebook dedicated to cat-addicted people... like you and me!

I don't know if my What Cats is becoming a best seller on the online market (how I exaggerate!), but the most important thing is to have realized the finished product.

Look at the pictures above: they are three screen shots of my book.
I received them from the Conversa's graphic designer, a young (I suppose) lady who helped me to transform my Italian printed book in an English electronic one.

I'm really proud of this, friends.
I'm absolutely persuaded that it could be loved by other cat-addicted people like me.

Why am I so sure?
Because I made it with much care, as it's necessary to do.

Moreover, people who are fond of cats are generally very demanding, exactly as cats are!
They would prefer that you talk about their pets, for example, but they could appreciate yours if they are similar to theirs, in some aspects.

My story is, of course, only mine, as every story is.
But it's also universal, because it tells about the birth of a friendship; that is what there is between a man and his pet.
I've chosen to narrate this story through pictures and words, because I believe in the absolute beauty of cats.
Think of the hundred of authors who have spoken of their pets (dogs, too, of course). I bet that the reason behind this huge number is the same as mine.

All of us want to celebrate this special bond between human beings and animals, perhaps hoping to teach others to love pets in the same way.

Because if you love a pet, your life is better

Trust in me, friends, and start to smile at the poor vagabond felines you meet across your street... and buy my book, please! ;-)