giovedì 26 settembre 2013

My booktrailer in English... thank you to my English teachers!

My last post was so old, but life is always so complicated and it's not useful to think of my delays anymore. My italian friends are perhaps wondering why I'm writing in English. Well, here is the reason: I would like to thank my young English teachers for their very precious support. Without their help, it's a fact, I couldn't translate my little book in an appropriate way. Every not-mother tongue fellow knows it: a good translation is not only a question of right words, but it's a mixture of words, idiomatic expressions, phrasal verbs and so on. For an intermediate level like I am, it's definitely a very hard work.
So, I'm very glad to thank above all Adi, hoping to talk with her on tuesday to go on with the "main" book. But I desire to express my evaluation (stima? is it right, Jason?) for Jason and his exciting projetcs for the future. At last I say "thank you" to Michael, too, because of his very fast and intelligent work on my booktrailer.
Let me link it again with "our translation" below. When Adi's work and mine is ended, I'll be the happiest woman in the world, because of these interesting lessons with young people so far from me.
See you soon, dears :-)
Have nice days.

How can a friendship be born?

How can the love for the most elegant, four-legged creations in the world be cultivated?

To discover these different ways, open the book and be amazed.

... and smile a little too.
Chapter after chapter
you can enter the enchanted world of my cats.

Unique as all cats are.
Among the few beings graced with life, they are capable of changing yours
 for the better.
Seeing is believing.
Music composed by two-legged Paolo.
Many thanks to my feline-like project designer, Maria Loreta Pagnani

That's all, for the moment.
Ad maiora to all (it's latin, not English!)