giovedì 23 ottobre 2014

What Cats, an ebook dedicated to anyone who love cats. Even when they don't love us!

Charles Baudelaire said that God has created cats to give us the opportunity to caress a lion (or a tiger, maybe, but it's definitely the same).
I agree with him: whoever loves a cat, knows how hard it is to be equally beloved by him or her (I refuse to give to my cats the neutral gender...).

We who love cats, need them, not only the ones who live with us, but also those we meet by chance, just around the corner from our street.

And I've understood another thing: the more I know my cats, the more I'd like to know yours.
That's the deepest reason which pushed me to create my book entitled, What Cats.
Some of you, maybe, know the Italian printed version of it, consisting of pictures and words taken and written by myself. The English one is a bit different, because I've enriched it with some funny (I hope so!) video clips and photo galleries.

If you want to discover more details about my book, write to me, please... Or, if you are already sure you could like it, click here: Ultima books or Amazon.

In any case, the most important thing for me is that you enjoy your experience, watching and reading my story.
Which is exclusively mine, I know, but it's so similar to the other stories telling about this so fascinating kind of friendship.
I'm talking about the friendship between us, limited human beings, and them, adorable short-sized feline kings and queens, with or without pedigree.

Thank you all.